Types of Kingspan Insulation for Your Home

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With the rapid alterations in weather temperatures in recent years, we must protect our houses and infrastructures with high-quality insulating materials. Due to this level of commitment, deciding which brand to buy from the many options on the market becomes quite challenging.

Kingspan insulation is one of the insulation materials on the market that has been evaluated and is considered to perform well in house insulation. Furthermore, to assist you in finding a solution, we have identified the materials that would best fit different areas of your home.

What Are the Types of Kingspan Insulation?

Kingspan is made in various types to cater to different uses and areas.

  • Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is a high-performance PIR insulation. Its thermal performance could be better than the Kooltherm range. It can be used in many new and existing building applications.

  • Kingspan Kooltherm

Primarily created for residential and business insulation, Kingspan Kooltherm has great tolerance, unmatched efficiency, and a variety of phenolic insulating materials that are incredibly long-lasting. Kooltherm sheets have the lowest potential thermal transmittance of any item in the industry.

It is also extremely resistant to water vapour. It accumulates as little as 2% of humidity. It has a strength of approximately 175 kPa. All Kooltherm variants are made using blowing agents that have 0% ODP and a low GWP, making them environmentally benign.

  • Kingspan GreenGuard

Kingspan GreenGuard insulation is an XPS insulation developed for specialty applications that require heavy-duty, strong insulation. It comes in various high compressive load grades to accommodate multiple service demands.

Kingspan Insulation for Different Areas of Your Home

Kingspan is among the world’s most well-known and reputable insulating board producers. They provide insulation for both residential and commercial floors.

Floor Insulation

Floor insulation is a critical consideration that must be addressed. Kingspan K3 is the finest material for floor insulation. It has a glass tissue texture and heat conduction of 0.021-0.020 W/mK. Kingspan Styrozone is another option. Its adjustable thickness spans from 30mm to 140mm, allowing it to be utilised anywhere in your home.

In addition, the Kingspan TF70 line is developed explicitly for the floors of its buildings. In addition, it contains a thermostat core on both sides and a foil-faced heat resistance of 0.022 W/mk. The Kingspan TF70 panel is the most popular floor insulation in the line of Kingspan.

Internal Partitions

Internal walls must be exceptionally well insulated since various circumstances may cause thermal loss, which could result in issues like wetness. Kooltherm k17 is used to protect interior walls. It is composed of plasterboard on the front and glass tissue polyiso on the back. Thermal conductivity ranges between 0.02 and 0.19 W/mK. Furthermore, like k17, this is also intended for interior wall insulation. It has plasterboard on one side and foil composition on the other. Thermal conductivity varied between 0.02 and 0.19 W/m.K.

Outside Walls

While we are preoccupied with interior insulation, it’s also critical to consider exterior wall insulation. Kooltherm k5 panel is intended only for outside wall insulation, particularly with …

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