Why do you need to buy a new boiler and what is the right time for it?

A boiler is an imperative part of a house and when it goes bad, things could get frustrating for you. Therefore, making sure that your residential boiler is working fine and that everything is going right with it, is also something very important.

But when things get out of hand, it becomes impossible to bear the old and damaged boiler and you need to have a new one to enjoy life and comfort. So you need to find a good and working boiler for your house.

But what are the things to keep in mind when you are looking for the right boiler for your house?

Here are a few things that you need to know about the right boiler. Read them and know for yourself.

  • Boilers have an efficiency of about 10-15 years but typically, the boilers used at home start losing their efficiency after almost 8 years. This is the reason why they need care and maintenance, now and then.
  • When the boilers start losing their efficiency after a certain amount of time, you will see that there is a visible difference in the energy bills that you get. The lesser the efficiency of the boiler would be, the higher would be the bills for you and the harder would be for it.
  • As time passes, the issues in the boiler keep on increasing and sometimes the issues reach such a point that it becomes almost impossible to repair the boiler. So in those times, it would be best to get rid of the old boiler and invest in getting a newer and better boiler for your home.
  • When there are regular repair and maintenance tasks to be done for your boiler, it becomes hard for you to cope with the increasing bills of the handymen for the job as well. Every time you have to hire the Calgary boiler maintenance services, you will have to pay and after a certain time, the amount will increase so much that it will annoy you. So replacing the boiler at such a time would be the best idea.

So when you want to enjoy the perks of an efficiently running boiler, invest in buying a new one if it goes bad.…

Learn why Aircon Chemical Cleaning Should be at the Top of Your List

Are you torn between aircon chemical cleaning and standard servicing for your AC unit? It’s a common dilemma many homeowners face when it comes to AC maintenance. This blog will shed light on the crucial differences, benefits, and drawbacks of both methods.

Keep reading to discover which option is best suited for your cooling needs.

Understanding Aircon Chemical Cleaning vs Standard Servicing

Standard servicing and aircon chemical cleaning are two different methods of maintaining your AC unit. Standard servicing involves a general cleaning process without dismantling the unit, while aircon chemical cleaning is a more thorough method that requires partial dismantling and the use of chemicals to remove dirt and grime from every part of the AC.

What is Standard Servicing?

Standard servicing is a crucial aspect of air conditioner maintenance that ensures your AC unit runs smoothly and efficiently. This common procedure involves general cleaning tasks such as dusting the aircon unit, washing or vacuuming the filters, and draining any accumulated water in the system.

Unlike chemical cleaning procedures, standard servicing doesn’t require dismantling your AC unit or using chemicals. It’s simpler and quicker than other methods yet can still significantly improve your air conditioner’s performance if performed regularly as part of routine aircon maintenance.

Plus, it’s less expensive – making it an appealing choice for regular upkeep to maintain cleaner air and better temperature control at home.

What is Aircon Chemical Cleaning?

Aircon Chemical Cleaning, as the name implies, employs chemical-based solutions to deeply cleanse every component of your air conditioning unit. This process is remarkably comprehensive and extends beyond a mere surface cleaning.

To achieve a thorough clean, the AC unit typically needs to be partially disassembled so that all parts can be individually washed and disinfected.

This method proves highly effective in decreasing corrosion and controlling or eliminating molds within the system – factors crucial for its longevity and efficiency. Additionally, this treatment can significantly improve the air quality in your space by removing allergens, bacteria, contaminants hidden deep within your AC unit.

Particularly beneficial for units frequently exposed to dust, smoke or other pollutants; Aircon Chemical Cleaning does demand more investment than standard servicing but provides a far superior cleaning solution that delivers improved performance from your AC system.

Differences in the cleaning process and effectiveness

Standard Servicing and Aircon Chemical Cleaning vary significantly in terms of their processes and effectiveness. Both have their specific roles and benefits when it comes to maintaining and improving the functioning of your AC unit.

Cleaning Process Standard Servicing Aircon Chemical Cleaning
Overview Standard Servicing deals with general maintenance tasks like cleaning air filters and checking refrigerant levels. Chemical cleaning uses a specialized solution to thoroughly clean aircon coils, filters, and water trays for removing stubborn grime and bacteria.
Procedure It is a relatively simple process and does not require disassembly of the unit. Chemical cleaning is more intensive and may require removal of major aircon components for deep cleaning.
Time Required As it is less complex, standard servicing