How to File Complaints After Purchase of Damaged Furniture

Do you have a problem with a furniture store? The furniture they delivered was damaged? Was the entire service and products delivered unsatisfactory to you? Have you spoken to the store but did nothing? Then, all you need to do is get on with the process of filing a consumer complaint.

Filing a consumer complaint is your right as a consumer. If you realise that the services or the furniture delivered to you are not the exact ones you selected or that it was damaged, you do not need to pay for the furniture store’s negligence. You may read complaints about furniture stores online to understand better how this process works. 

Reading reviews about different furniture stores on will also go a great deal to help you understand these furniture stores’ services and products they offer. Reading reviews about them before engaging their services will give you an insight into what to expect from them. This article will walk you through the necessary things you need to do before and during the process of filing a consumer complaint about damaged furniture. These factors include the following: –

  • Know your rights

One of the essential things you need to do is to know your rights. As a consumer, you have the consumer right to request a refund or return of goods if they are not up to par. There are fundamental statutory rights for shopping. These rights are valid and cannot get changed by any shop or store. Therefore, before you purchase anything from any store, you need to become aware of the power you hold in your rights as a consumer. 

  • Speak with the supervisor or manager of the store

Another important thing you need to do is ask to speak with the supervisor or the furniture store manager before filing a consumer complaint. While explaining your ordeal with the service or furniture provided, you should also be open to resolving the issue. Speaking to the highest levelled personnel in the store may be enough to solve the issue without any other problem. 

  • Decide what you want.

After you must have spoken to the supervisor in charge, the ball is in your court. It is time to decide what you want to happen. To get to know what you will decide to do about the issue, get the answers to these questions:

  • Do you want to exchange the damaged furniture for another one?
  • Do you want a full refund of what you paid?
  • Do you want to be compensated for the trouble? If yes, what sort of compensation do you want?
  • File a consumer complaint with the state

If the furniture store or company is unwilling to give a favourable response to your complaints, then you may consider taking it a notch higher. Since you have spoken to the manager and there seems to be no resolve, you may contact the arbitration, ombudsman, or mediation scheme in charge of the company to file an official complaint. Before …