5 signs that your roof needs replacement

The roof of our house is one of the most important parts of it but it often goes unnoticed by many homeowners because it is not accessed very frequently.

However, the roof of your house is your main protection against the elements and it needs to be checked regularly for any signs of damage or repair. Installing a new roof can be your only option if your roof has gone bad and is damaged beyond repair.

Telling whether your roof needs repair or not, is not something very simple and easy, still, you need to know when to replace the roof of your house.

The Roofing Contractor St. Louis can help you on the matter by inspecting your roof and telling you whether a new roof is necessary or not.

If you want to know whether your house needs a new roof or not, take a look at the following signs.

  1. If the roof of your house is unable to stand against the water from rain and there are streaks of water leakage under the roof, then you sure need to find a new one. If your attic has moisture in it and it too is showing signs of damage through water, then you need to consult a professional and get it replaced.

  1. The age of the roof is also an important factor for replacement. Typically, a roof that is installed perfectly, would last around 30 years without causing you any trouble. So now the age of your roof and if it is showing signs for replacement, you should go for a new one.
  2. If you feel that the roof of your house is sagging, it is an alarming sign that your roof is unable to stand against water and there is sufficient moisture trapped in it. such a roof is a sign of danger for the people inside the house and the other property as well.
  3. If you feel that there are moss, mold, or fungi growing on the roof, it means that moisture has provided a home to all these things and they need to be cleaned. Using a brush, you can try to remove them, but if the problem seeps deep into the roof, then for sure your roof needs replacement.
  4. If the shingles on the roof have gone damaged, broken, and cracked and a recent storm has made a lot of them fly away, then again you need to replace the roof.