Different Types of Tree Service


A tree service technician holds many different jobs, all related to the upkeep and care of trees. They can be hired by the local government, a commercial landscaping company, private individuals, and various botanical gardens. There are also tree removal services as well as tree trimming services that can be used by either private or public entities. The type of tree service that is offered will depend on the type of tree, where it is located, and how often it needs to be tended to.

One of the most common types of tree service technicians’ jobs is pruning. This involves removing dead branches and growing new ones in their place. There are different ways to prune, such as with scissors, pruning shears, or a forkful. Each method of pruning has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, when removing thick branches from a tree, using shears can help remove these branches without damaging the main structure of the tree.

Boulder Tree service technicians also perform tree planting or tree trimming services. In tree planting, the trimmer is used to trim back branches that grow too high. Tree trimming is used to shape a tree into a certain shape, such as a box shape. When performing tree planting or tree trimming, it is important to have accurate measurements so that the branches will be planted properly. Otherwise, they could grow too high and out of control.

Mulching services are often contracted out by a professional tree service company. A mulch company will apply an organic mulch to trees so that they remain moist and will not decay. Organic mulches are made from wood chips, recycled bark, paper, or straw. Paper mulches, in particular, can have harmful effects on both birds and bats, so it is especially important to consult with a professional when choosing this type of mulch.

Tree service technicians can also perform tree planting or tree trimming services. In tree planting, technicians will plant healthy, disease-free trees in areas where they are needed. Tree services technicians can also prepare seedlings for transplant into new areas. Tree service technicians can also cut down trees where necessary for construction projects, home remodeling, or other business purposes.

Tree pruning is another common service performed by these companies. The goal of tree pruning is to decrease dead branches and to increase the amount of space between active branches. This will allow the tree to better take in air and nutrients, which will promote growth. A tree removal company may also perform stump removal or pruning to get rid of unsightly growths on the side of a structure.