How to naturally defeat moss?

One of the most dangerous enemies your lawn can have is moss because it ends up suffocating it, preventing it from getting the nutrients it needs. There are products such as moss killer for lawns that have the right combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium so that your lawn can defend itself against this enemy naturally. However, this solution is only viable when your grass is free of moss, so you need to scarify before using these products, especially if you are about to buy lawn feed. The idea is to remove any invaders from your lawn. Once your garden is clean, you can start using these products regularly. Your garden can cope with moss, but it needs your help. For example, acidic soil could trigger a series of events that will ultimately damage your precious lawn. It is essential to understand how moss grows.

What causes moss?

There are two ways moss can creep into your lawn. The first one occurs when the grass cannot grow properly. Too little or too much water, too acidic soil, a lack of nutrients, and soil that is too compact and does not allow water to seep into the roots, are just some causes of your lawn not growing healthy and strong. Second, the wind can bring seeds from other plants that will sprout in your yard. When these seeds germinate but don’t have the conditions to grow, they die. They become a dead organic matter that ends up on the surface of your lawn as it grows. When this layer of organic matter is relatively dense, it prevents the proper passage of sunlight, water, and fertiliser you apply to your lawn.

Professional companies can help

Many years ago, you had to pay large amounts of money for a gardener to come to your house to clean your lawn of moss or other dead organic matter. You didn’t have the tools or the knowledge to do it yourself. That has changed thanks to the rise of companies that manufacture lawn care products. Not only do these companies offer quality products, but they also include helpful information on their websites on how to use their products. Hopefully, you will see positive results in your lawn and recommend these products to family and friends. Do you have the money to buy the tools, don’t you? If not, some companies rent gardening equipment by the day. You can talk to your neighbour and pay for the cost of a day between the two of you.