Pest Control 101: Common Restroom and Bathroom Pests

People clean their bathrooms to the best of their ability and smile at how spotless and gleaming it is. Then they see it – it is small, has more than four legs, and just climbed out from behind the toilet.

War for bathrooms

A small critter has invaded your home, but what is it? In reality, where there’s one, there is a big chance that there are more, and it is time to put an end to this problem before they overrun your house. To find out more about how to handle these creatures, people need first to identify them. Not all insects die by the same means, with obvious exceptions of large shoes, but sometimes that does not work. Knowing what the little critter is will help professional exterminators to determine the best way to handle these types of infestations. The top culprits of these problems are:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Centipedes
  • Roaches
  • Spiders

To know more about carpenter ants, click this to know more.

Each of these insects is in the house with a purpose, but every one of them also poses serious threats in their own way. Cockroaches don’t travel alone, silverfish are creepy, and ants report back to their colony when they find good water or food sources. Let us take a closer look at some ways to identify these tiny invaders.

Carpenter ants

On the other hand, carpenter ants are prone to making their home in wood, especially in wet wood (as their name suggests). These critters are also drawn to the moisture and humidity found in restrooms or bathrooms. They look brown, red, or black and can sometimes have pairs of wings. Unlike termites, they do not eat woods but discards them, leaving trails of sawdust.

Pharaoh ants

These ants do not nest in underground colonies but prefer moist and warm places to create their houses. They hide behind and under anything not sealed and glued down with putty or caulk. They look brown or yellow with dark rear segments and the size of fire ants. These insects are called Pharaoh ants because they are said to originate in North Africa, where the original biblical plagues happen – but this is a misnomer.

Check out for info about Pharaoh ants.


Although these insects are rarely seen because they are nocturnal animals, they can be easily recognized by their many pairs of legs. They live longer compared to other insects and can spend many years in a property without the owner realizing it. They are dark brown to yellowish and can usually have markings or stripes on their legs and body. They range from less than an inch all the way up to seven to eight inches in some instances. 

These things also have small mouths with large claw-like structures that contain venom glands. Because of their long lifespan and venomous nature, centipedes need to be dealt with immediately if spotted. People should not hesitate to call professional exterminators if these little insects pop up anywhere around the house.


If you have goosebumps right now, there is a good chance that you have dealt with these critters at least once in your life. The most likely type of roach in your kitchen is the common house cockroach. Their look is pretty recognizable and unmistakable. These critters love drains and sewers and are drawn to decayed materials. 

When people shower, skin flakes are removed or washed off from their bodies, and they decay in drains, creating an excellent cockroach buffet. These insects love moist and warm spaces, and restrooms or bathrooms fit the description to a T. 

Before these things become a big problem, people have pest control ways to keep cockroaches at bay. Cover water drains as often as possible. Clean these places as much as possible. Soap and hot water, do not kill them, do not waste your valuable time. They are impermeable to a lot of insecticides. Hiring a professional exterminator is the best recourse


These insects can also be found in restrooms and bathrooms if the conditions suit their needs. These critters can be pretty helpful, but no one wants spiders to be around. It is somewhat like hiring snakes to get rid of the property’s rat problems. Spiders like to hang out in restrooms or bathrooms to prey on other bugs that find these moist and warm places home. 

Spiders like warm places but do not need too much moisture in their surroundings, but they appreciate how the water and heat to attract their prey, so they do not have to work for it. They are less likely to make webs in these places unless it is in dark areas like under the sink. If people find these critters in their bathrooms, there is a good chance that they are there hunting other insects or pests.

Get rid of these pests

If property owners have issues with pests, they are not alone, and they are not unarmed. It is time to hire professionals to solve this problem. Pest control professionals or exterminators are ready to help homeowners against their battle against these tiny invaders. They have the right tools and expertise to get the house rid of every pest and do it effectively, safely, and efficiently for property owners and their pets.