Seawall Repair in Naples Improves Property Value

Part I: Your Seawall: A Selling Feature of Your Florida Home

If you live in the city of Naples, you might be wondering what seawall repair entails. You can learn about sinkholes, concrete deterioration, and wooden seawalls in this article. But how does seawall repair in Naples improve your property value?

What can you expect from the repairs? In addition to repairing seawalls, the project will improve the parkway along the canal. It will also include new planting and benches, as well as streetlights and trees.

Coastal erosion

If you live in a coastal community like Naples, you probably have seawalls protecting your property. These walls, however, need regular maintenance and repair to remain effective. Sadly, many homeowners don’t know that seawalls need regular repair and maintenance. Unless they’ve noticed significant damage to their shoreline, they don’t know that soil erosion is occurring.

The Coastal Commission approved the Naples Island Seawall Repair Project on October 31, 2010. The project involves installing 18-inch steel sheet-piles, filling Rivo Alto Canal, and excavating the north bank of Colorado Lagoon to create a submerged soft bottom habitat of 20 thousand square feet. The project is ongoing, and funding for the entire project has not been secured. Despite the positive news for the neighborhood, residents have many concerns about the seawall repair project.


Seeing a sinkhole near your seawall is a red flag that your property needs immediate repair. The hole may be a simple crack or it could be the result of a leaking seawall. In either case, it’s important to call a professional to evaluate the situation. If the hole is large or deep, it may be an indication of a more severe structural problem that needs immediate repair.

Cracks in a seawall often start beneath the wall cap, at the barnacle line. Cracks that widen will be an indicator that hydrostatic pressures are not contained and the wall will eventually break down. Moreover, you may see pools of water or a bulging middle. If these signs are present, it may be time to call for repair in Naples. Delay will only result in bigger repairs and higher costs.

Concrete deterioration

The city of Naples, Florida, is undergoing a seawall repair project that will address deterioration of the seawall. More than 12,000 feet of seawall need repairs on the city’s beaches, waterfront properties, and Colonnade Park. Those repairs are estimated to cost $60 million, but funding hasn’t been secured for all six phases of the project. The Naples Boat Parade may have to be rerouted to accommodate the project.

The project will begin in November and run until May 2015. Originally scheduled to start in May 2014, the ten-month project will cover a 1,915-foot section of the seawall between Ravenna Drive Bridge and Toledo East Bridge. Public Works staff recommended two types of seawall repairs: a short-term reinforcement wall at the base of the seawall, and a new seawall that will last for decades. Council members expressed support for the seawall repair project, but said other parts of the city needed upgrades as well.

Wooden seawalls

The natural forces that affect our shores can lead to a variety of seawall problems, including unsightly cracks and pitted surfaces. Sometimes, water is able to wash away soil, causing the seawall to bulge at the middle, or even collapse. There are many warning signs to look for, including cracks and erosion. If these signs are present, it is time to get your seawall repaired in Naples. Delaying repairs will only increase the cost.