Ways in which you could be harming your trees

Trees are beautiful, and they make your surroundings beautiful and cleaner for you. Planting a tree is like adding years of life to the planet and your coming generations. So one should try to plant as many trees as they can. But you are caring for the trees is also very important because, like any other living being, they too require care, nourishment, and water. So try to take good care of your trees.

Every homeowner loves to have beautiful trees in their yard, but some forget to care for them. On the other hand, some people take excellent care of them, and sometimes we are doing things to the trees in the name of care that is damaging them. Yes, there is specific care for the trees that could be damaging your tree instead of being useful to it. Therefore, the best thing to do is know what is right and what is wrong so that you do not overdo it for your tree.

Here we have gathered the tips from professionals that will help you with the trees and ensure that nothing you do to the tree is more than required. Fortunately, trying to avoid the practices that are harmful to your trees will save them from getting damaged.

  • Over-mulching

If you are putting too much mulch on the base of the tree, the chances are that it will block the air from reaching the roots, trap the moisture inside, and eventually make the roots get decayed. So try to put only around two to four-inch-deep mulch on the base of the tree.

  • Planting new trees

When you are planting new trees and the old ones, make sure that you have sufficient information about each tree’s height and spread. Because sometimes, the neighboring tree blocks away from the air and sunshine of the old tree and thus causes it to get dead.

  • Removing the bark

The bark acts as a passage from the tree roots to the shoots and branches, but if you cut down the bark’s ring, you are cutting the connection between roots and upper parts. This would result in damage to the health of the tree. So never practice removing the bark.

  • Staking

Staking a tree means to give a tree some support to stay erect. This can be damaging to the tree as the tree’s trunk would lose its original shape and might not grow any further. If necessary for the new trees, make sure you do it for a short time.

  • Bad pruning

If you do not know how to prune a tree, the chances are that you will damage it. Services like stump removal Columbia SC and tree services provide pruning jobs that you can hire and give a good trim to your trees to stay in good shape, and their health is not compromised at all.